How do they do it?

Bloggers. How do they do it? 

I've realized my life has become more "full" since buying our house. We keep busy with things like cutting tree branches, blowing insulation into the attic, installing kitchen hardware, cleaning wood floors, and cleaning more wood floors. With school starting back up (first quarter in the books!) I've been running around with my head cut off for the last few months. Its been almost 4 months since I last blogged. I miss it BUT priorities got in the way.

It's good to be back, Blogosphere!

Thanks to those of you who have asked or commented about the house. There's not a day that goes by that I don't tell Mark," I love our house!" or "I'm so thankful for this house".

Seriously, it's an earthly reminder of God's love for us.

I'll save the 4 months of reflection and get to what you really want to see...updates!

Stairway, all me baby!

 I filled holes, sanded, primed, and painted these on my own. Curtsy.

Living Room Before Move-in

Living Room During

Living Room As of Date

Living Room Before (looking out the front of the house)

Blankets hung with pant hangers, that's how we rolled for 3 months.

Finally found "The One" curtain. Look for a whole post on that dilemma.

Dining Room Before

 Dining Room During Construction

Current snap of the dining room...

Before: Half Bath On the Main Level

Not much progress, talk about a room full of procrastination...

I'm ready for a dishwasher!

Maybe by the end of this week I'll have something beautiful to show.

Can I get two claps for this?! 
This was the first week I parked in the garage! 
 We're officially settling in!

The Kitchen and Family Room.....

I'm leaving you in suspense until tomorrow. Uploading pictures made my own mouth drop. Check back to see My Pinterest Kitchen created by my dad, my husband, and helpful friends! 

I'm 25 and humbly blessed!


Rachel Jones said...

Looks awesome!! I've missed your posts - can't wait to see more updates! Happy fall to you both

Kara Wells said...

Love it! Especially the stair case! Enjoy your fall break!

Mrs. Swanson said...

Looks great Cali! I can't wait to see your kitchen! Love you!

Brandy Carman said...

I really hope you saved those animal tiles! It's so much work, but oh so gratifying! Looks great, Aherns!

Carolyn Bahr said...

So very beautiful, Cal! You and Mark are doing a GREAT job! Can't wait to see it! Love to you both! C