Pillows for the Bedroom

I finally added a tad bit more to our master bedroom (ha, only bedroom!). Remember, I'm in the process of making it lovely? If you've missed out, you can check on it herehere, and here

I have been eyeing this fabric at Jo-ann's for quite some time. You know I won't pay $30 per yard. (Maybe someday when I make lots of money. Oh wait.... I'm a teacher.) The waiting and quest of finding the ideal pattern paid off. I scored big time.  Finally, the upholstery was 60% off! Hellllo! I love a good sale! I bought a yard of the paisley print and sewed two small pillowcases for my Crate and Barrel pillow inserts that I already owned. Total price for the two pillows, 12 dollars. With a coupon, gift card, and a little cash I bought the ruffle pillow at Pier One that I've been eyeing ever since I worked there. Perfect combination! And boy, do I love it!

I hope you're not intimidated by sewing. If you don't have a sewing machine...

1. I think you should get one. 
2. They're not that scary to use, promise!

Here's how I sewed my pillowcases. The professionals would roll their eyes...

I used my old pillowcase for measurement. 

I first cut two equal squares. 
Then I sewed 3 sides together, outsides facing in with a half inch seam.

Next, I turned the fabric inside out and put the pillow insert in the case. 
After that I pinned and sewed it shut. 
(Shhh! I know it's ugly but no one will see this seam, it's on the bottom.)

Yes, I should have put a zipper on it or hand stitched it but seriously, who has the time for that! 
(Don't be fooled it's on my to-do list of learning.) 

Surprisingly, I love making my bed each morning now. Weird, right? My favorite colors lighten up the room. This picture makes it seem more goldeny than in actuality. You'll just have to stop over to see what it looks like in person! Here's to falling in love with my sleeping quarters!

Here's another pillow making idea that may be useful. The cool thing about it? You don't have to use a sewing machine!

Question of the Day: How did I learn to sew pillows? 

Answer: By making little bean bags and Barbie pillows. Cute, huh?


Lindsey said...

I LOVE this...I have a sewing machine but don't really know how to use it...keep showing me how you do sewing projects so I can learn a few things!!

Susan Link said...

I thought the first pic on the post was from a magazine! Very nice!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

they are perfect! Amazing what a little fabric can do, isn't it? I just sewed up a bunch for a friend and I made them they exact same way :)

homeawaits said...

Lindsey-maybe I'll do a simple sewing machine tutorial....:)

Anne-Marie:Finding the perfect fabric is fun, finding it on sale is even better! Glad to know I'm not the only one.I bet your friend is quite pleased!

Lindsey said...

PLEASE DO! That would be awesome :)

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

I'm impressed! I have yet to try and make a pillow... or sew anything for that matter! Love the fabric you chose!