Using Bedroom Sheets

I just returned from an amazing trip to Minneapolis in which I celebrated a good friend's wedding, stayed up way too late with friends and family, and stuffed my face with too many brownie bites! Couldn't resist putting this up...

Decorating is somewhat of a "cared about thing" in my family, mostly influenced by my mom. I was quite impressed when my aunt showed me her recent project. She couldn't find the right yellow and green fabric for her bedroom curtains. Her solution was to use twin top sheets. She backed them with another sheet. 

Bahm! I like this alternative idea. Take a look!

She used two decorative twin sheets from L.L.Bean and $10 Walmart sheets to line them.

File this one for later...can't find the right fabric, buy some sheets!

*4 twin sheets
*sewing machine or stitch witchery for no-sew 
*curtain rod and clips
(Make sure to pre-wash sheets for shrinkage.)

Thanks to my Aunt Shari for this alternative DIY idea!


Autumn said...

I love it! You have the most brilliant of aunts! ;)

Susan Link said...

This bedroom looks like it is from a magazine. Super job on the drapes.