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One of the things I love about Home Awaits is that it has opened the door to the blog world for some of you. I appreciate many of my readers who aren't necessarily invested in reading blogs daily. I hope I've introduced you to something you'll enjoy. 

There is a blog for almost anything. No matter your interests. Luckily for me, I discovered my own blog niche after reading them for three months. As I was discussing with some friends, they wanted to know how to receive blog post updates in one place. If you write a blog, you can quit reading now. If you want a space to host the blogs you read, hang around for a sec!

1. First off, check out this 2 minute video about Google Reader.

2. Next, go sign-in or make an account. See here.

3. Then, add blog subscriptions (automatic post updates). Show some love by starting with http://homeawaitsus.blogspot.com/You will then see updates when posted. Viola!

4. Make a tab or bookmark for Google Reader for easy access.

Here are some of my favorite blogs to get you started...

Mom's Who do Interior Design:
10 Rooms
Emily A. Clark
6th Street Design School
Centsational Girl
Little Green Notebook

DIY/Home Remodel:
Young House Love
Natty By Design
House Tweaking

Syle Blog:
The Daybook

Pioneer Woman

Party Inspiration:
Kojo Designs
The Sweetest Occasion
A Subtle Revelry

My friend's blogs:
Life of the Liles
Natty Nook
Purple Pond
Read July

Happy Reading! 
Would love to hear feedback on how/if this works for you!

1 comment:

Susan Link said...

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!! I just haven't taken the time to do this and now I don't have to think about it, I can just follow your instruction. Good post.