Home Buying Update

Well it's Tuesday... might as well share my ramblings with you....

The Mr. and I are signing another 10 month lease at Lantern Woods. Yup! But this time, there is no pity party. Things are looking good! We are chopping away at our 5 digit college debt and it feels good! We have to hit it hard the next ten months but I think we'll be able to scream WE'RE DEBT FREE!!! come June. (Talk about accountability!) We're still sticking to our home buying goals. We The Mr. spends a lot of time looking online while we are in the process of contacting a real estate agent. Who knows when we'll start actually looking at homes, time does go fast. Most importantly, we're both quite excited for the upcoming process!

On a side note, I'm out of commission next week (don't know what that means for a teacher who sits on her bum all day reading and creating) due to the removal of my wisdom teeth. Ugh! Dreading it already. With that being said, email me questions if you want some help with...

  • decorating ideas
  • decorating dilemmas
  • party inspiration
  • product search
  • anything fun and exciting

You know I'm a research girl and would love to find a way to help! Email me at homeawaitsus@gmail.com.

P.S. That is not my house nor will it ever be. :) Good eye candy for ya though!

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