Waiting to Close

We're in the process of waiting to close on our unexpected/prayer answered/dream house. Read my story here.

30 days.

It's a long time to wait for something so exciting. If you've followed this blog or know me well you can assume that I've been going nuts. It's true. Can dreaming ever go too far? I think so. Where's the line? I fight it every day.

For the past few years I have looked at fine details from window casings styles to height of wall hangings. Layouts to tile design. All fun stuff. Since we still have some time, 7 days to be exact, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures and some inspiration I hope to use. Check back daily for a new room and the possibilities.

Starting off today with the exterior. Here she is.

 Front yard. Mark is excited to landscape this space.

 Back yard. 
The trampoline is the neighbors. Grass volleyball anyone?!

 Sun room heaven. Sliding glass doors open to the breeze.

Our plan is to recruit our strongest friends to move the hot tub to this cement space. 
Fingers crossed.

7  Days to Closing!

Check back tomorrow to see the family room.


candace said...

Cali this is so exciting! I love the backyard!!! I would love to have that much flat space for an endless number of fun things! Congratulations to you and Mark - I'm loving it already and can't wait to see more! (Also, not gonna lie, pretty jealous about the hot tub!)

Sha said...

I am game for some grass volleyball!

Lena said...

I'm going to find what to threaten/blackmail you with this weekend and will make you show me the rest:)