Day 3: Living Room Reveal, The Before

The Living room. Where everything takes place. Blogging, Words with Friends Games, television recording. This room is gigantically long which makes for a difficult layout. I plan on portioning this room to break it up.  Two big windows make for some fun.

 This window faces the north/front of our house.

Looking out the back window. The dining room is to your right.

Here's the sofa (supposedly "couch" is an  ugly word) and loveseat I almost bought last week on sale. I'm interested in a quality sofa that will last for years. It will most likely be the most expensive piece of furniture I buy. I'm gladly waving goodbye to microfiber. At least in the living room for now.
At this point I'm looking at these colors as my inspiration for the room.
I recently thrifted a $12 chair with clean lines to have reupholstered and a wooden credenza at Salvation Army for this room. Special shout out to my besties, Brienn and Ashling who are storing them for me. Can't wait to make this room cozy! 

And for the inspiration...

5 Days to Closing!

Tomorrow...The Dining Room

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