Holidays Here and Gone

We're in a stage in life where we do a lot more traveling come holiday season than being at home. This year was no different. We were home for two weekends from Thanksgiving to New Years. We opted out for a Christmas tree for the 2nd year in a row. Boo-hoo. Instead, I added a few touches around the apartment to make the Monday through Thursday somewhat spirited. 

My mom graciously bought me this festive angel made from recycled paper. Grabbing a few things stuffed away in the Christmas boxes, I added them to the mix. 

Sorry for the creepy shadows. I couldn't get a good picture for the life of me!

While home for Thanksgiving, my mom and I, which was more like me watching my mom, made stockings out of felt. Inspiration came from these...

Here's our very own.

You can check out the stocking tutorial here. We skipped the step about cutting out the letters.

Christmas music. Time with family. Hot drinks at night. It truly was a good one!

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