Gladly Welcoming 2012

Oh Little Bloggy, how I've missed you. If only I had hours to do projects and energy to write. Thanks to this winter break, I've come to miss you dearly. I have returned, to focus and inspire. 
                                                                                              Yours Truly,
                                                                                                   Cali Lou

Now that I got that (guilt) out of the way I want to say welcome back! I hope you and yours had a fabulous holiday and that you have been able to relax and enjoy the slower moments this week. Boy, have I! 

Have you reached the point in which you are reflecting on your past year or maybe you're like me and have started thinking intensely on the upcoming year. There are a few things in the coming months that get me ridiculously giddy inside...
  • Paying off some major college debt. Adios Nelnet and Sallie Mae! (Update to come. Warning...it may be a Dave-Ramsey-type post!)
  • Buying a house! Yes, I think it's THE year!
  • Babies...you just never know. :)
  • Start my own business... just kidding...call me crazy but this is my dream every year.
  • The Mr. turns a whopping three o!
Can you tell I'm excited for 2012?! This blog might get a bit juicier!


Christa said...

yes! you're back!! and yes to the house and the babies.

Sha said...

Babies?? We need to talk.