Getting Busy At the In-laws

I love resting but after 6 days I'm ready to DO. That's a strong verb when you're talking about me. While at the in-laws, I was offered a small dresser that they were going to throw out. Of course, my sweet mother in law knows me oh so well and asked if I would want to repurpse it.You betcha!

I was most excited because I had been anticipating nigthstands for for-ev-er. I was too cheap to buy anything and instead spray painted tv trays. Real cool, real cool. Talk about a cheap-o! Within a few short hours I had sanded, primed, and painted a small nightstand. The hardware is classic and elegant. The perfect combo. The Mr. had quite a time trying to find the right screws for the pulls. After a couple trips to Home Deport and a couple templates for the holes, he was successful.

Here's the before. Mouse poop and all.

Here's what it looks like in our bedroom turned closet dump.

I consider it a success! Within minutes the drawers were full. My only wish is for another one.


Sha said...

Cal- I love it! You make such beautiful things.

Catherine Denton said...

Adorable! You sparked new life into it.
Catherine Denton