DIY Requires Some Failure

Sometimes Do It Yourself isn't so easy.

We (meaning you and I) get brilliant ideas to try out a project we see on Pinterest or something we come across in a store. Sometimes daily, weekly, or for the craziest of us, hourly. 

I dive head in. Most often, I seem to realize half way through the project that I may be in trouble or should have processed it more before I started. (The Mr. is good at reminding me of this.) Because I'm stubborn, I press forward and eventually feel a sense of accomplishment and ownership of the process. But DIY requires some failure.

I found this project I truely believed to be "cool" for my bedroom.

After assuring myself of this anthropologie inspired project, I knew it had to be rad. (Yes, I just said that.)

Well I thought I had a picture but I must have thought it wasn't even worth it.

My friends who saw my project probably thought I had officially lost it. I laughed at myself when I saw this on Pinterest with the caption, "To use at the monster party". Ha, my beautiful little flower was considered for a monster party. Head hanging, at least I'm a teacher and can take it to school for my kids to somewhat enjoy.

Although, THIS blog seemed to make the project cool.

And take this coaster idea....

 Then I tried turning into something better...

Whomp, whomp.

And the one I was so jazzed about...
Mercury glass look-a-like.



Decided to give it another try.
It will work.

Those of you who think I'm a crafty little DIYer... sorry to dissapoint. 

I totally get those of you who would rather pay for something to be done. Sometimes it's important to weigh your choices. Something I have yet to get a grasp on.

Anyone out there with DIY failures like mine?!

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