Royal Blue

Royal blue. 
Majestic, huh?! 

Recently, it has suckered me in on more than one occasion.

It's not the color you see everywhere like everyone's best friends' Gray and Yellow.

The boldness of royal blue strikes me as it sits next to a crisp white. It could MAKE a focal point.

Will me next sofa pillows be royal blue? My next bedroom accents? My someday-nursery? Or just maybe, my tufted headboard? 

If I had to buy today...

West Elm Striped Sheets- $60

World Market Cloth Napkins- $15.96

This post inspiration came when I saw two gorgeous ottomans that were royal blue velvet AND tufted at HomeGoods. I fell in love. If only I had a place for them.

Royal blue...not the easiest to find but I'm crushin' on it for sure!

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