Banquet Seating

Have you ever seen a picture of a certain decor idea or style and said, "NO thanks!"? 

I hope I'm not the only one. 

When this happens, it takes a little time for me to warm up to it. Sometimes I transition to thinking I like it. Then I move into thinking that I actually like it. Very occasionally do I do it.

Recently, I have gotten a stronger eye for small eating nooks with banquet seating. At first glance, I thought... uncomfortable. But they're growing on me. I'm still in the process of deciding if I could pull it off.

  • Everyone would rather sit at a booth rather than a table.
  • Pull the table away and there's seating for more.
  • Less chairs= less $$$.
  • Table height would have to be just right.
  • Different backrest. 
  • Cleaning banquet pads.
  • Have to scooch on in.
Here are some of the pictures that are winning me over.



Still on the fence...What do you think?

My former co-worker, Mary Lou Gennett, shared this perspective. I love it. Take a look...
We have banquette seating. Many pros, as you listed. You mentioned the con of cleaning the pads. You can have covers made that are removable for deep cleaning, dry cleaning. Haven't had to do that yet. We have family side and guest side, living with family side most of the time. And as a guest becomes more familiar with us, I tell them we aren't turning the pads over for their visit any more. :) Additionally, one tip. As the host/hostess - never be the first one to sit down there. You will have to scooch on it, and then be trapped. We love the seating. It seats many more people that would be allowed with a standard table/chairs. AND, ours are also used for storage. Lift up the lids and you will find the rarely used kitchen items: turkey roaster, extra burners for the range, etc.

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