72 Days and Counting...

If you read about the stairs yesterday, I was wrong. Mark tore out all the staples in the floor. Thank you, Love.

Yesterday I left you in wonderment about our kitchen and family room. Today is the day! I love, love looking back at these pictures. We closed on June 21. It's October 9. Here's a couple months of major change...

Family Room Before

Paneling Removed

Load-bearing wall knocked out. Beam installed. Ventilation moved. New floors.

Family room as of now. Built-ins are on my Christmas list.

Different shot of the family room.

Hello light!

Drum roll please!!!

Kitchen Before

Are you ready yet?!

Painting at midnight, we were on a surprise-30th-birthday-party time crunch.

My dad's the best! And so is my mom. She helped my dad lift these. Really, mom?!

As of today!

It's been 72 days and counting of a non functioning kitchen. That equates to 72 days of eating out, grilling, crock pot dinners, and no kitchen sink. The exciting news is that the counters are being installed on Thursday. We then want to put the range hood up, back splash, and install the pretty appliances that have been sitting in our garage for the last three months. The walls need to be repainted and I have to find the perfect counter-stools, lighting, and rugs. She's coming along!

Transformation! I like it!


Carolyn Bahr said...

I like it, too! It's absolutely beautiful!

Rachel Jones said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous!!! Great floors too!

Sha said...

It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see it!!