A Good Night's Sleep

Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.
Hands down.
Recently we have downsized to 777 square feet and gave up a second bedroom. Yes, sad day. It’s a little bit harder to convince our besties to come hang out for the weekend.
We certainly appreciate our hardcore friends who don’t mind sleeping on Mr. Aerobed himself. One unfortunate night, a friend who was visiting had a rude awakening while sleeping in our casa. He awoke to a flat bed underneath him. Nothing’s worse than realizing your only comfort is gone. After feeling horrible, I knew we had to fix this problem so that just maybe, someone else would want to visit.

As The Mr. was finding the hole, my mind was blown. I thought A- my husband is a genious or B my husband is the best googler ever. Turns out he’s the best googler ever. (A googler is someone who Googles like none other. Do you know one of those?)
You ask, how did he find the hole…a little soap and water. When he pressed the mattress down out came air which created a bubble or two from the soap.

Air + soap = bubbles
With a little “ Amazing Goop” and a few seconds later, it was fixed. I found out later that night as the Mr. was laughing with suspicion, that he had taken a few pieces from the shower curtain to patch. Oh well.

Do you see the shower curtain?
  It sure was great to see it hold up another night’s sleep in better condition.
And even better to see it take a piece of this....

Jumping & Flips


He thought he was hot stuff.
Find “Amazing Goop” for $4.89 here or in-store at Meijer for $3.

Too cute! Nephew Aiden and the Mr. making eggs!

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