Excitement at 5:01 p.m.

For some of you 5:01 means your DONE! HALLELUJAH! No more work! Can't beat that feeling.

Luckily for me today  it meant a couple of things...

1. I left work before 4 p.m. (wowzers)
2. I left work 2 days in a row before 4 p.m. (double wowzers)
3. Excitement while opening my mailbox to a beauty.....

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Are you a magazine lover? I haven't been to into magazines until my recent subscription of Better Homes and Garden. (What a great Christmas present, thanks mom!) I am thrilled to dig in and see the articles on "30 Try-It-Now Decorating Ideas", "Quick and Pretty Spring Containers", and the "No-fail Wall Colors". The learning is endless and pictures are amazing!

In honor of magazine love, I thought I would conjure up a list of some of my favorites. Hint hint...some night when you're bored, go to Barnes and Noble and bask in the beauty that these periodicals offer.

Top Faves:
  • Better Home & Garden and ANYTHING they publish like storage solutions, small spaces, do-it-yourself (unlimited supply of inspiration)
  • Real Simple
  • House Beautiful
  • Elle Decor
  • Metropolitan Home
  • Martha Stewart (In honor of my mother who still has every magazine edition since 1997.)

Online magazines: (not quite as cool as the paper version but readily accessible)

Nesting Newbies

Enjoy the inspiration but don't forget the pictures ARE in a magazine and look baller for a reason. Hence, you may not see the belt lying on the floor, bed undone, or alarm clock flashing. No need to envy, just enjoy!!! Happy reading!

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Katherine Michael said...

Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! I loved reading about your valentine's dinner party! What a fun idea.

I'm a super huge fan of Real Simple magazine. That magazine showing up in my mailbox is like the best part of my day once a month. :)