Spring Break 2k12

Spring Break 2012 was lovely in Destin, Florida. If you go to the Destin area, you've got to check out our favorites. Bookmark it.

We're kinda foodies so we spent a lot of time out and we all agreed it was worth it!

If you want to feel like you're in paradise and get away from the Alvan's Island tourist shops, you have to explore Sand Destin. It's ridiculously magical. You're life will change for the good if you put down some cash at Bijou Bistrox. You know it's a good meal when you have your eyes closed half the time and all you can talk about is each mouth watering bite. That was us for 2 hours.

Seaside is quite the hipster town. It took us quite a while to figure it out. Still no words... Supposedly, it's were The Truman Show was filmed. 

The Red Barn is a must stop. Popular and unbelievably fun with DJ Muse. We may have created our own dance floor.

Dewey Destins (the dive one) is a favorite lunch spot. But last years visit was better.

 Another Broken Egg Cafe. After driving through the night we needed something delicious. Our night consisted of driving 12 hours, listening to the Hunger Games, and sleeping in the Target parking lot.

 Mermaids...a dream come true!

Oyster time at Sand Destin.

Oysters for the first time. Gutsy.

 Pompano Joe's. Over-priced, not great food, fun ocean front restaurant.

 Sand Destin

Garden at Seaside beach town.

 They fished. They caught. Pompano.

 He's skilled.

This girl. She's great.

Vacations are important to us. Important enough to pay for them with cash.


Lena said...

I totally agree with you on food. I think it's always my favorite part about any vacation!

Looks like you had so much fun!
Miss you, lady.

Sha said...

I love that Bri is reading Cold Tangerines and you're reading Bittersweet :)