Inspiration from a Friend

Home inspiration can be found between 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Usually I find it during those hours (wink, wink). Online finds are one thing but the people you know who WOW you by their own touch are another. Every time I'm at my parents' house I stand still for moments taking in my mom's new display or seasonal arrangement. 

Recently, I got a little giddy when my friend Ashling showed me an addition to her beautifully renovated kitchen. Two IKEA shelves. This girl has a thing for styling a shelf! The shelves fit perfectly in her space. Most other things are from Cost Plus World Market, Homegoods, Crate and Barrel, and the teacup is from her grandmother.

My advice if you're trying to style a shelf is to find a picture of one that you like and copy what you see. Don't limit yourself in terms of color or a specific object.  Look for what you have. Focus on size and position.

Just wait until you see the rest of her house...it shall be good!

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kim.heffner said...

I have three of those Ikea shelves in my living room. They are fantastic!