Finally the Recipes

I had this party. It was cool. Then I blogged about it and said I would soon post the five new recipes I tried. Now... weeks later, I guess it's time to follow through. My best explanation is spring got busy. I think you know what that means.

Here’s the 5 new recipes from the evening…

Spinach Dip
I would make this again but I would not cook my own spinach and onions. I would buy a freezer pack of it. Lame, I know.
Get the recipe here.
Feta Brushetta
This was really good, only if you like feta.
Get the recipe here.
Chocolate Muffins
I thought the muffin part of the recipe would be a little less intense. They were yummy. I would gobble these at any Mother’s Day brunch.
Get the recipe here.
Old Fashioned Lemonade
We have a friend who has a little girl inside her belly. I was excited to try a special drink just for her.
Get the recipe here.
What happens when you run out of wine for taste testing. Mix 1 bottle of white wine, 3 cans of Fresca, and frozen fruit. Cheers!
Get the recipe here.

Planning a party inspires me to try something new.


Lena said...

so, some of us here love cheese and we thought it would be awesome to have one of those cheese parties this summer. Kirby and I want to throw one and it would be cool if you and Mark were here and if you could give us tips. we can talk about it later, but I thought i'd let you knwo:)

Rachel Jones said...

Mmm these all look wonderful! Thanks for sharing