Looking Up

With only 9+ months until we hope to buy a house, I'm starting to think about my dream design to-do list. Ha, ridiculous, I know! Lately, while browsing Pinterest my eyes seem to be fixated on things above. 

I've noticed a lot of stunning pictures of recessed ceilings. Sign me up! I'm very curious in knowing more about the moola it would take to add this to a home.

Painted ceilings. It would be fun but would I get sick of it? It would open up a rather small space.

Bead board up top. I want a sun room just so I can add the texture to the ceiling. It screams cottage but I love the relaxed feel.

At this point I'm thinking that I want to try it all. That could very easily change in 2 days let alone 9 months. I'll just dream away...

Do you have a favorite look?

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